St Ambrose of Milan on brotherly love and the three holy Hebrew youths…

The following gem comes from the austere preacher and Bishop of Northern Italy St Ambrose who had great impact on St Augustine of Hippo…

ambrose2This quote is dedicated to Fr Youhanna, Fr Moussa, Fr David and Fr James whose love and service to our mission has been greatly appreciated…

Preserve then my sons, that friendship you have begun with your brothers, for nothing in the world is more beautiful than that.  It is indeed a comfort in this life to have one to whom you can open your ear, with whom you can share secrets and to whom you can entrust the secrets of your heart.  It is a comfort to have a trusty person by your side who will rejoice with you in prosperity, sympathise in troubles, encourage in persecution.  What good friends those Hebrew children were whom the flames of the fiery furnace did not separate from the love of each other!”

St Ambrose Duties of the Clergy.


4 thoughts on “St Ambrose of Milan on brotherly love and the three holy Hebrew youths…”

  1. Is there a copy of St Ambrose’s signature? I have a copy of one of three books he had written for King Henry VII. This book belonged in King Henry VII’s library and I am looking for a copy of someone who would have signed for him. The book was printed at Basil by John Amerbach in 1492.

    1. For Amerbach’s 1492 edition of the works of Ambrose see Barbara C. Halporn, The Correspondence of Johann Amerbach: Early Printing in its Social Context (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2000), 249-250, 308-315.
      Work needs to be done on what English monastic library might have owned the set.

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