St Augustine of Hippo with a warning for the occassional “Christian”

St-Takla-org_Coptic-Saints_Saint-Augustine-02In his book on the ‘City of God’ St Augustine challenges the contemporary paganism of Rome and its many religious cults and further in his exposition of philosophical thought proves the superiority of Orthodox Christianity.  Writing to those whose history was forged by the Roman idyllic empire, St Augustine pointed them to the celestial city and the Kingdom of Christ in a time when they were looking for someone to blame for the demise of a once great empire…St. Augustine concludes his first book with a stern warning for those who would assume the outward appearance of purity in their religious faith by attending liturgical rites and worship of the Church but live a double standard life, and as such gives an ancient precedent of showing the falsehood evident in modern times of a costless and obligation free salvation, that erroneous notion of once saved always saved…

So too, as long as she is a stranger in the world, the city of God has in her communion, and bound to her by the sacraments, some who shall not eternally dwell in the lot of the saints.  Of these, some are not now recognised; others declare themselves, and do not hesitate to make common cause with our enemies in murmuring against God, whose sacramental badge they wear.  These men you may to-day see thronging the Churches with us, tomorrow crowding the theatres with the godless.  But we have the less reason to despair of the reclamation even of such persons, if among our most declared enemies there are now some, who are destined to become our friends.  In truth, these two cities are entangled together in this world, and intermixed with until the last judgement effect their separation.  I now proceed to speak, as God shall help me, of the rise, progress and end of these two cities; and what I write, I write for the glory of the city of God, that, being placed in comparison with the other, it may shine a brighter lustre.”

                                             Conclusion of Book I of the City of God

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ protect us all from the traps of the enemy…


One thought on “St Augustine of Hippo with a warning for the occassional “Christian””

  1. i live in france
    i loose my family in divorce
    i loose my mind
    i seek because electrons
    i read augustin the city
    when i was with my wife
    now i try to keep a little hope
    when i want the faith in jesus

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