St Gregory Nazianzus…


God is Light,

the Most High, the Unnaproacheable;

God cannot be conceived in the mind

or spoken by the lips.

God is the Life-Giver for every rational creature.

God is to the world of spiritual intellect,

what the sun is to the sensory world,

and will manifest divinity in our minds

to the degree that we are purified.”

St Gregory of Nazianzus

Rublev_grigoriy_bogoslov nazianzusWestern thinking espescially after the enlightenment (but even before), tended towards the use of rational philosophical process –  a way of thinking that crept into theological reflection in the thinking of Thomas Aquinas and Thomism for example.  However, a light radiating from the east reflecting the glory of God embraced the profoundness of mystery when considering Divinity and the grace given to the Church in its sacraments.  Whilst the great theologians and Church Fathers of the early Christian centuries brought about a way of life and thinking that far surpassed the platonic philosophers who excelled amongst the philosophical schools, they were still content to embrace the mystery of the Ineffable and Unnaproacheable God.  The incomprehensibility of the Trinity could only be known in the revelation of God, personified in the incarnation of the Word – Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, and the life of these Holy Saints was such that they lived ascetic and holy lives spent in awe at the majesty of God which is clearly reflected in their writings.  Although these writings are not considered as ‘Scripture’, they reflect a profound encounter of God and deserve to be read to inspire those of us who would attempt to follow their example with a heart for Christ and a love for God who is salvation…


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