Four Incorporeal Creatures

Bishop of Sydney and affiliated regions
His Grace Bishop Daniel of Sydney and affiliated regions

This blog is the internet arm of the Four Incorporeal Creatures Coptic Orthodox Church near Bribie Island in Queensland Australia.  Under the direction of our beloved Bishop His Grace Bishop Daniel of Sydney and affiliated regions the Church was named after the the ancient chapel of the Four Incorporeal Creatures at St Anthony’s monastery in Egypt, the monastic home of our Bishop.  The Four Living or Spiritual Creatures are the angels at the throne of God mentioned by the holy prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel and also in the apocalyptic visions of St John the Beloved in the book of Revelation.

Our Church is an English Speaking congregation (although you can hear some of the liturgy in ancient Coptic on occassion), with a heart for mission and seeing people come to the faith of Christ in the Church that he founded, according to His will.  The Coptic Orthodox Church was founded by St Mark the Evangelist and produced great scholars and defenders of truth as St Clement, St Cyril, St Athanasius , as well as the source of monasticism and the anchoritic example of asceticism with St Paul the first hermit, the Great St Anthony, St Shenouda the Archimiandrite and St Bachomious the father of monastic communal living throughout the world.  The writings of these desert fathers continue to bless the world and our Christian lives, whilst our ancient liturgical worship teaches us wonderful spiritual truths that provide a sense of peace in today’s world.  The tunes we sing and chant as we worship come from the oldest school of music in existence, and are sourced from the ancient Phaoroh’s, the ancient Greeks and also from the Jewish Temple.  We share a strong connection with the ancient world with traditions that date back as far as Moses.  We have been blessed by the prayers of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and His Grace Bishop Daniel to have the opportunity to come to this holy and life giving tradition and to do so in the English language.

pope shenouda bp danielThe Coptic Orthodox Church is a part of the Oriental Orthodox communion which comprises six groups: Syriac Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Eritrean Orthodox, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church of India and the Armenian Apostolic Church.


Fr James with one of his spiritual childrenFr James our priest and mission servant had his spiritual vocation confirmed by the Church as he was ordained to the priesthood in December 2008 to serve the congregation.  He presides over the liturgical celebrations of our Church and  conducts Orthodox Bible studies, guiding us on the exposition of the Holy Orthodox faith and way of life.

We hope you enjoy this blog with the prayers of St Mary and the Four Incorporeal Creatures.

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